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The erection process


The erection process begins on the brain, as consequence of many stimulus (real or imaginary), perceived through senses, mostly tactile and visual.

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Those stimulus, transmitted by the brain, cause a change on arterial and venous circulation and increase blood flow to the penis, who gets filled and so gets erected.

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The inside of the penis is composed of spongy tissue which contains small capsules called Corpora cavernosa. When blood reach those capsules, they get expanded. As greater is the ability to collect blood of the corpora cavernosa, greater will be the size of the penis.

Diagrama del pene

How does the exercises work?

The penis is composed of 3 main areas: 2 big tissues on the superior zone (Corpus Cavernosa) and a smaller tissue on the inferior zone (Corpus Spongisum). If you do the exercises described on Penis365.com, the tissues will gradually get expanded, acquiring a bigger blood absorption capacity.
This way, your penis will grow on length and thickness, permanently!.

The key to get a bigger penis, is exercise regularly the Corpora Cavernosa, getting the cells more stretched and expanded, bigger and stronger, allowing them to retain more blood and expand the erectile tissue. After a few weeks, the result is a bigger penis, stronger and with much more capacity to keep erected.

Its proved that doing the exercises correctly, a penis smaller than 6 inches in length can grown between 1 to 3 inches in less than 6 months.

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